Start The New Year Off Right With Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is decidedly unglamorous—even by cleaning standards. It's the kind of activity that doesn't really get noticed unless it isn't done. In other words, guests in your home or even family members, aren't likely to comment on how great the tile and grout look, but they will surely notice when it hasn't been cleaned.

Tile And Grout Cleanliness: The Best Indicators Of A Clean Home

Whether you have tile and grout solely in the bathrooms of your home, in the kitchen, or it's throughout your entire mid level, cleaning it is unlikely to be on your regular to-do list. No matter how carefully and painstakingly you clean the rest of your home, chances are that the grout surrounding your tiles gets overlooked. By the time you notice its condition, the grout can make the entire room—and perhaps even your whole house—seem dirty.

Ring In The New Year The Right Way With CCS Cleaning

If you're trying to get your home sparkling clean in order to host a New Year's Eve party or a New Year's Day brunch, you don't want to forget to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned by the expert team at CCS Cleaning.


Maybe you're not hosting a party to usher in the new year at all. Instead, perhaps you're making a New Year's resolution to be more thorough in your cleaning strategy. Since 1974, CCS Cleaning has helped homeowners just like you enjoy more free time without compromising the cleanliness of their homes.

Remove Potential Hazardous Growth         

Any moisture, grime, or dirt that gets forced or absorbed into the grout or tile can spur mildew and mold growth. This creates an unappealing aesthetic and can also be a hazard for pets or family members, especially if you have little ones who crawl on the floor.


It's almost impossible for homeowners to fully remove the bacteria and grime with a simple everyday cleaning, so you need to call the experts at CCS Cleaning & Restoration. We have the training and experience to tackle the most challenging grout and tile varieties and we use safe and high-quality sealers to help keep the grout in beautiful condition.

Enhance the Longevity

Spills and messes are common occurrences, and if they linger, this can result in staining, which can reduce the longevity of the grout. Taking care of the messes and spills right away is crucial, especially if the product is alkaline or acidic because these can break down the grout over time and result in a replacement sooner than later.


Only using tile-friendly cleaning options and investing in professional services means less risk of the material breaking down and keeping your floor’s aesthetic looking well-cared for.

Maintain the Value of the Finish

Grout is a chemical-based or cement material that's used for filling spaces in between tiles and becomes part of the finished aesthetic, making it a priority. Not having proper care is problematic because the grout works as a sealer to help keep the materials around it and underneath in good condition and free from moisture.


And while a daily spraying or wiping routine can help keep damage and premature staining at a minimum, sometimes this isn't enough. Enhanced upkeep with a professional cleaning not only helps strengthen the tiles but can also create a stunning and seamless look, while keeping the finish protected.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration Can Help!

Tile and grout—though beautiful and highly-functional no matter where they are located in your home—are also high-maintenance materials. They must be regularly cleaned in a particular manner or else they'll soon look dingy, gray, and dirty. Many homeowners become frustrated at the amount of work that must be invested in caring for their tile and grout.


Located in southern Minnesota, CCS Cleaning is your whole-house cleaning solution. We even tackle the grout cleaning jobs that no one likes to do, but that make a huge difference in the way your home looks. Your tile and grout both need and deserve the kind of care, attention, and expertise that CCS Cleaning provides.


At CCS Cleaning and Restoration, we’re here to help you work smarter, not harder! Our team of experts takes the stress out of this necessary chore and leaves behind a home that is brimming with possibilities. Contact us today for a free estimate.