As spring approaches, many homeowners gear up for the snow melt and heavy rains.  For some, this means getting wet vacuums and fans that they purchased at their local home improvement store ready for flooded basement cleanup.


While it’s great to have all the stuff you need in case of an emergency, you should always call a pro for water damage cleanup. Below, CCS Cleaning & Restoration, your Faribault providers of comprehensive restoration services, discusses why.

Borrow the Power of Professional Tools

In all cases of flooded basements, DIY measures are never enough; specialized professional tools are needed. Moisture can penetrate through just about anything—and it will, if you give it the chance. 


Left to its own devices, this hidden water and moisture can lead to mold growth, which has its own set of cosmetic and health issues that will be discussed later.  During water damage cleanup, it is therefore imperative that every nook and crevice is attended to and dried in order to maintain your family’s health.


DIY tools simply don’t have the power to do this, but the state-of-the-art cleaning tools that we at CCS Cleaning & Restoration have possess the power needed for a truly deep clean.

Keep Your Home Standing Strong, Smelling Fresh, and Looking Great

Improper flooded basement cleanup—such as that done by a layperson—can lead to a musty odor throughout your entire home that air fresheners can only mask. Carpet discoloration and separation are also both common effects of lingering moisture damage.  Any wooden materials in your basement can additionally warp into unrecognizable shapes as they take the water you may have failed to get out of the air.


Overall, amateur water damage cleanup can cause structural decay throughout your entire home, making it an unpleasant place to be. Work with the professional water damage cleanup pros at CCS Cleaning & Restoration to maintain the comfort and value of the place you cherish most.



Avoid Mold Remediation and Health Concerns

If water damage cleanup is not done properly, it can lead to the need for mold removal. Invading fungi colonies are never something that you should be comfortable living with. Case in point, according to the CDC, “for some people, mold can cause a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing or wheezing, burning eyes, or skin rash.” It also adds that those with compromised immune systems can suffer infections from mold.


You no doubt want to avoid mold growth in your home in the first place, but there are also financial reasons why one should invest in water cleanup instead of mold cleanup. While the latter is obviously important, it can often be more costly than the former. This added expense has many origins, but one of which is that mold is, frankly, destructive. For instance, it can grow on the wooden supports in your basement, which can compromise the structural integrity of your entire home!


It’s safe to say that mold has no place in your living space—and the best way to make sure it doesn’t take hold after a flooded basement is to work with professional water damage repair services.

Why Work With CCS Cleaning & Restoration?

The cleaning technicians at Carriage Cleaning Services are specifically trained and experienced in flooded basement cleanup, water damage cleanup and mold cleanup. They fully understand the importance behind getting your basement back to the state it was in prior to the spring thaw, and will work vigorously with you to make that happen.


We employ certified moisture finders who will do everything in their power to clear your basement of any water damage.

What About Mold Remediation?

We’ve got you covered! If we do find that mold has already started to form, we will perform mold cleanup for you before it even becomes a noticeable problem. As great as we are at water damage cleanup, we’re no slouches at mold remediation, either; check out our primer on the subject on our cleaning services blog to get just a taste of our expertise.


Just like water damage cleanup, mold damage isn’t something that you should handle alone. The pros know how to protect themselves from the health risks associated with such a task, as well as how to track mold into the smallest of spots. Like moisture damage, mold is something that spreads if even a smidgen of it is left behind after the cleanup process, so this expertise is essential for a job even functionally complete—let alone well done!

CCS Cleaning & Restoration: For the Safety of Your Home and Family

We combine years of experience with state-of-the-art fast-drying systems to ensure that your flooded basement is returned to normal and your home to harmony. 


The structural makeup of your home and your family’s welfare are much too important to risk with a do-it-yourself water damage cleanup; contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration’s Faribault office today at 507-334-1774.