The experts are starting to weigh in on the flooring trends for 2023, and the choices are stunning. Whether you are considering a new look or dealing with water damage restoration, CCS Cleaning & Restoration is southern Minnesota’s source for floor cleaning services.


We pay attention to what’s trending in flooring because we’re experts in all types, from carpet to tile. Here are some fantastic flooring predictions for 2023!

Hybrid Flooring Offers Variety

Hybrid flooring is taking the stage for 2023. This design includes a combination of vinyl and real wood, resulting in a highly functional flooring option.


Hybrid flooring offers natural ambiance, while the core enhances stability and durability. The result is a practical and solid, dent-resistant flooring option that will make your floors a key feature in your home. 

Rustic Floors Are In

The rustic look is predicted as a favorite choice for 2023, because this classic option offers all of the wood’s natural character and color. The material can foster a distinctive aesthetic due to its natural grain patterns and color variation.


Rustic flooring complements almost any style, from contemporary to vintage or metropolitan to rural, making it a great addition to any home.

Wider Planks

This option has been trending for quite some time, and it doesn’t look like it is fading out in 2023. A typical floor plank will be around 2.25 inches, but they can range up to 10 or even 20, depending on the space.


Wide planks can work well in smaller areas and boost the overall appearance due to their charm and character. Floors with wide planks also have a quick installation process and may be more affordable than other options, which is another part of their great appeal.

Soft & Cozy Carpeting

Another prediction for 2023 is the incorporation of carpets that have bold statements. Options like eye-catching colors and textures help accentuate the interior of the room.


Carpeting encourages self-expression, and the plush and cozy feeling is now complemented with geometric forms, animal designs, stripes, and floral patterns to create a unique welcoming aesthetic.

Laminate Transformations

While wood and carpeting are gaining presence for 2023, laminates are on the list due to their affordability. This option comes in multiple stylish and natural-looking textures and colors, and you can get them in waterproof options, making them ideal for busy households.

Southern MN Cleaning Experts, Professional Results

These are just a few predictions for 2023 flooring options that can help make your home stand out and raise your property values. Keeping your floors in optimal condition is crucial, and it starts with having regularly scheduled maintenance with CCS Cleaning & Restoration. Our Minnesota company has been in business since 1974, providing exceptional results in areas including biohazard cleaning services and rug cleaning that our clients know and trust.


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