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Rug cleaning is more detailed and delicate than carpet cleaning. Or rug cleaning services go far beyond using a stain removing product; it involves proper knowledge of the rug framework, fabric make-up, and stain type.

At CCS Cleaning & Restoration, we are trained, certified and experienced in cleaning all rugs and fabric types, including the most unusual soiling conditions. Our team consists of all highly knowledgeable and skilled personnel, and we are fortunate enough to employ two Master Textile Cleaners (the highest level of certification achievable within the carpet cleaning industry) who have cleaned every type of rug.

Due to our advanced certification and training, the cleaning technicians of CCS Cleaning & Restoration are often called upon to correct soiling conditions that other cleaners aren't familiar with. Using the time-tested, deep cleaning procedure of hot water extraction we are able to leave your rugs clean and fresh with a softer feel underfoot.

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Rug Deep Cleaning Facts:

  • Removes oils, sticky soil and other ground-in dirt left behind after vacuuming
  • It is recommended to deep clean your rugs a minimum of every 12 to 18 months.
  • Hot water extraction or deep cleaning methods are sometimes referred to as "steam cleaning."

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No matter the stain, whether it is red wine, cherry Kool-Aid, ground-in candy, ink, or any other substance, we have the knowledge and top of the line equipment to provide the best rug cleaning services possible. Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration of Faribault, MN to learn more about the carpet cleaning benefits our team can provide for your home or business.

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